Easily Change Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

Honda Parts in Houston

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a lot of free time to drop your car off at the service station. There are times when a service job is necessary and you’ll have to drop your car off. However, there are times that you may be able to operate on your vehicle yourself quickly. I know there are a few small service jobs that every car owner can learn how to do to save their time at a service station for when it’s mandatory.

Perhaps the easy job for you to do yourself is changing out the air filter in your vehicle. I promise that every car owner can do this in about five minutes. It’s important that you change out your air filter once it gets dirty and clogged with debris. This filter is what pulls air into your engine preventing all of the dirt from getting in. When it’s clogged it prevents the air from flowing in and cuts the engine off from running efficiently. John Eagle Honda has a parts department and they’ll be able to find the right air filter for your Honda vehicle. You can purchase it and head home to change out your filter. Simply pop the hood, locate the air filter which will likely be in the shape of a square or rectangle like shape. The lid to the air filter will have some clasps around the exterior that you’ll need to pop open. This will expose the air filter and then you can slide it out and pop the new one into place.

This job is seriously easy and you’ll be able to quickly buy the air filter for your Honda quickly through the Honda Parts in Houston at John Eagle Honda. Check out some of their coupons online to see if you can save money on your purchase of a new air filter. Visit this dealership for any other service or parts needs you may have.

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