How To Prepare Your Car For Summer Part 2

If you’re ready to start getting your car fixed up and ready to run efficiently this summer, then you’re in the right place. We’re at the second article of this series with tips that can help you get your vehicle ready for summer that is right in front of us. Let’s check out what you should do next.

One part of my vehicle that I need to work effectively at all times is the air conditioner. I’m quite the baby when it comes to sweating, so I need my air conditioners running well. Surprisingly, you can come out of the winter months, and your air conditioner might have issues even though you hadn’t used it. You should first test out your air to see if it is blowing out cold air. Listen for any weird noises or strange smells. If you notice anything is off, you may want to take your vehicle to your mechanic. At John Eagle Honda, their team can get your air conditioner working in no time.

Since spring is on its way, we’re likely to see a lot of rain. That’s why it’s important to check out your windshield wipers. Check to see if the rubber is still intact or if it is starting to crack at all. If so, you may be better off to replace the wipers now. You probably also used a lot of wiper fluid to keep your windshield clean during the winter months. It would be smart to have those fluids topped off.

You can purchase new wipers for your Honda vehicle or schedule your service appointment online at The John Eagle Honda dealership has a lot to offer to you with their service department. They’ll be able to keep your vehicle running efficiently for years to come.

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